Dai Yun Shan 戴云山

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This is a remote and under-surveyed reserve that has not yet been visited by foreign birdwatchers.


Key Species

White-necklaced Partridge and Silver Pheasant have been recorded here.


Other Species



Other Wildlife






Habitat and Vegetation

Not known.


Getting there

Dehua 德化 is located in the centre of some of the most difficult terrain in central Fujian. It is probably faster to travel to Quanzhou 泉州and head inland from there. Take a bus to Nan’an 南安 and then change there for another to Dehua. Yun Shan is about 25km north of the county town. Enquire in Dehua about the best way to get to the reserve. There is a second mountain block (Shi Niu Shan 石牛山) located to the east which may be worth visiting. This is easier to reach than Dai Yun Shan. Take a bus towards Nancheng 南埕 on the main road north-east to Fuzhou 福州. Turn off to the right just before the town and continue for about 8km to the village of Zhong Lin 中林. It should be possible to reach the mountain from here.


General Information

County:   Dehua                      Area:  97 sq. km
Altitude: 700-1856m               Location: 25°40’N, 118°21’E
Disturbance: not known.