Birding South-east China

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Each of the provinces of south-east China has a distinctive character and charm - and of course great birds.


Hong Kong 香港

One of the world's great wetlands for migratory birds plus regenerating woodlands at Tai Po Kau, Shing Mun and Kap Lung.


Guangdong 广东

Ba Bao Shan and Chebaling are two of the best sites in the province, close to each other, ideal for a spring trip to look for some of the best south-east China specialities.


Hainan 海南

The reserves in the south of the province are the best sites to find the 3 species considered endemic to the island.


Guangxi 广西

Superb limestone forest sites occur in many parts of the province and the overall bird diversity improves closer to Yunnan and Vietnam.


Hunan 湖南

Dong Ting Hu, site of the China Bird Race, is the most famous reserve but there are plenty of other good sites in this relatively unexplored province.


Jiangxi 江西

This province boasts three great locations for birds - Poyang for the cranes, Guan Shan for Elliot's Pheasant and Wuyuan for the recently re-discovered Yellow-throated Laughingthrush.


Fujian 福建

Wu Yi Shan has always been considered one of the premier birding sites in China. Recently Chinese Crested Tern has been discovered on passage in the Min Jiang estuary.