Long Xi Shan 陇西山

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One of a group of sites in central Fujian which should be more thoroughly surveyed; this reserve was upgraded to National Nature Reserve status in 1998.Getting into the reserve requires some help these days but the birds here are excellent so its worth making the effort.


Key Species

Cabot's Traopan, Elliot's Pheasant, Sultan Tit


Other Species

Silver Pheasant.


Other Wildlife




Sultan Tit was rediscovered in Fujian in 2004 at this reserve. There had been no records for some eighty years before that.


Habitat and Vegetation

Sub-tropical forest.


Getting there

Take a bus from Nanping 南平to Shunchang 顺昌and then travel on to Jiang Le 将乐. The reserve is mostly easily reached by taking the main road south-west towards Mingxi 明溪 and getting off at Bailian 白莲. After that it will probably be necessary to arrange motorbike transport to get into the hills.


General Information

County:   Jiang Le                 Area: 64 sq. km
Altitude: 800m                      Location: 26°35’N, 117°15’E
Disturbance: not known.