Min Jiang Estuary 闽江

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The Min Jiang estuary has only very recently been recognized as an excellent site since birders began visiting it only in the last couple of years. At present the area has no protection but given its obvious importance it is already in the process of being nominated as a Ramsar Site. Key species found here include Chinese Crested Tern in spring, and Dalmatian Pelican in winter.


Key Species

Dalmatian Pelican, Oriental White Stork, Chinese Crested Tern, Black-faced Spoonbill, Little Whimbrel, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Ferruginous Duck.


Other Species

A wide variety of waders and ducks have been recorded here as well as Great Crested Tern, Little Tern and Whiskered Tern. 150 Eurasian Oystercatchers were recorded here in August 2004. A vagrant Collared Kingfisher occurred in the same year.


Other Wildlife






Habitat and Vegetation

Estuarine mud-flats.


Getting there

From Fuzhou take a bus to Chang Le 长乐 (see Fuzhou map) and then another around the estuary to Tantou 潭头. From here it is a short taxi or motorbike ride to the estuary area.


General Information

County:  Chang Le                  Area: n/a
Altitude: 0-100m                    Location: 25°50’N, 117°30’E
Disturbance: not known.