Qishan 旗山

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Recently identified as a site for the elusive Short-tailed Parrotbill, this mountain area close to Fuzhou deserves to be more fully explored.


Key Species

Short-tailed Parrotbill.


Other Species

Chinese Bamboo Partridge, Silver Pheasant, Common Pheasant, Grey-chinned Minivet, Chestnut Bulbul, Mountain Bulbul, White-crowned Forktail, Slaty-backed Forktail, Spot-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush, Yellow-cheeked Tit, Eurasian Jay.


Other Wildlife

Rhesus Macaques are common.





Habitat and Vegetation

Good secondary forest in places, particularly on the edges of the the steep valley.


Getting there

From Fuzhou a taxi will cost about Rmb100 plus Rmb15 per hour waiting time. There is no regular public transport to the site.


General Information

County:   Minhou                   Area: n/a
Altitude: 300-800m                                Location: n/a
Disturbance: not known.