Yun Ji Shan 云髻山

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Left to rejuvenate after forest clearance forty years ago this site has been recently opened up to tourists while remaining sensitive to the natural environment. This place is an interesting link between the more popular birding spots of Nan Kun Shan and Chebaling and the waterfalls here are very picturesque.


Key Species

Chinese Bamboo Partridge, Mountain Hawk Eagle (?), Black Baza, Collared Finchbill, Brown-breasted Bulbul.


Other Species

Brown Crake, Collared Owlet, Mountain Bulbul, Slaty-backed Forktail, White-crowned Forktail, Hill Prinia, Brown Bush Warbler, Pygmy Wren Babbler, Black-throated Tit.


Other Wildlife




During the week the site seems to be mostly undisturbed by tourists. Hike the trails leading up and beyond the main waterfalls and look for the forktails, especially White-crowned which may breed here. Brown Bush Warbler is present in the grasslands below the waterfalls as are Collared Finchbill and Brown-breasted Bulbul. For the Finchbill this site may be the nearest breeding location to Hong Kong.


Habitat and Vegetation

The mountains start to rise from about 350m up to the reserve entrance archway at 500m. The highest peak is a respectable 1,422m, but the summit is probably not easily accessible. The secondary growth covering the hillside gradually improves as you penetrate the core valley, and is mostly an encouraging multi-shaded green, with the Chestnut Oak Castonopsis fissa very evident in spring when its yellow spiked flowers are prominent. Red azaleas are also common here in that season.


Getting there

Xin Feng 新丰 is best reached by taking one of the frequent buses (#601) from the Guangzhou bus station (south side of the road) to Conghua 从化 for Rmb15. From Conghua there are minibuses to Xin Feng but these do not connect from the bus station so you will need to take a motorbike to pick up the connecting road. There are also direct minibuses from Guangzhou to Xin Feng but these depart from the county office in the city and are difficult to find.
Once in Xin Feng there are a few places to stay but the best hotel is the Jiaotong on the junction of the main road north and that heading south-east to Longmen 龙门. A room costs about Rmb130. There is also a new hotel with chalets opened in the valley close by to the reserve and this may be the best place to stay in future. There are buses from Xin Feng to Longmen (e.g. at 2.30pm) where you can pick up another bus to Yang Han 永汉 and Nan Kun Shan 南昆山.
Getting a motorbike up to the reserve 7km away from the town will cost about Rmb15. There are no buses going up to the site.


General Information

County:   Xin Feng                                 Area:       27 sq. km
Altitude: 100-1422m                              Location: 24°02’N, 114°10’E
Disturbance: growing numbers of tourists, especially at weekends.