Po Toi 蒲台

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Since 2003 Po Toi has been recognised for being a great birding site. In late winter and at migration times it offers a combination of unusual seabirds and on the island almost any migrant which occurs on the south China coast. In spring 2006 six probable new species for Hong Kong were found here – Short-tailed Shearwater, Chinese Thrush, Orange-bellied Green Pigeon, Sulphur-breasted Warbler, Ruddy Kingfisher and Owston’s Flycatcher (also known as Olive-backed Flycatcher, which breeds in the Ryukyu Islands and is a probable split from Narcissus Flycatcher). In 2017 key records included Maroon Oriole and Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher.


Key Species

Ancient Auk, Pomarine Jaeger, Long-tailed Jaeger, Great Crested Tern, Aleutian Tern.


Other Species

Bridled Tern, Common Tern, Dollarbird, Ashy Minivet plus most other migrants.


Other Wildlife

The woods around the village are good for butterflies.



The best time to go is from February through to May and in autumn from August through to November. The ferries give ample opportunities to locate the pelagic species. The ferry from Aberdeen has proved to be the most productive although that from North Point/Kwun Tong is the longest journey and travels furthest out from land as well. Once on the island most of the birds tend to congregate in the fung shui area in the vicinity of the village very close to the ferry pier.
Various species of flycatchers and warblers have been recorded on the islands plus rarities such as Drongo Cuckoo. The first record for Hong Kong of Temminck’s Cormorant occurred here in 2005.


Habitat and Vegetation

Fung shui trees around the village and other secondary vegetation.



Getting there

There are private ferries from Aberdeen leaving at 8.15am and 10am. There are also ferries from St. Stephen’s beach at Stanley but the first one leaves at 10am. There is also a ferry leaving from North Point at 9.15am each morning. Since the times are subject to change check the schedule by calling 2554 4059 or log on to hkoutdoors.com.


General Information

Altitude: 0-250m   Disturbance: some tourists