Wonderland Villas - April

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April can be very varied weather-wise and is often very wet as well. It makes for an exciting time as peak migration can bring unusual species in.



The winter visitors have now all but disappeared. Large Hawk Cuckoos are calling everywhere. Bulbuls are now paired and much less visible. They are no longer in flocks. Magpie Robins and Violet Whistling Thrushes are loudly vocal and holding territory. The former in particular will engage in very visible aerial battles on the edges of the territories. In 2008 a pair of the latter nested on the third floor of the lower car park and by the end of the month the parents were busy feeding three young chicks.


Other Animals

In late April 2012 Short-nosed Fruit Bat was found on the Kumquat tree outside block 13 feeding on the fruit. This was shared during the daytime by Japanese white-eyes.



Chinese Privet is now flowering everywhere and filling the air with its strong fragrance. Many beetles, moths and other insects are attracted to the white flowers. There are three Persian Lilac trees by the roadside leading down from the jogging trail to opposite Wellcome and these are also in full fragrant blossom by early April. Towards the end of the month the Taiwan Acacia Acacia confusa bursts into bloom and since there are many of these trees in the area this is perhaps when Wonderland Villas is at its most colourful.


Butterflies and Moths

From the middle of the month onwards moths become much more common on the walls of the estate in the evenings. Day-flying moths are abundant.


Other Insects

Bees and other insects become much more active during the month.