Wonderland Villas - July 七月

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July is typically still wet in the early part of the month but by the end usually hot and sunny most of the time, except when Hong Kong is buffeted by typhoons that barrel in from the South China Sea every few weeks. As a result of the wet weather and prevailing wind direction this is one of the least polluted months of the year.



Birdlife is usually relatively quiet. Many species are occupied with the second brood of the year. There are occasional migrants in the latter part of the month. On 20 July 2008 a Grey Wagtail was found feeding in the stream along the gully.


Other Animals

This is one of the best months to observe amphibians such as Big-Headed Frog Rana kuhlii.



There are surprisingly few flowering plants in this month.


Butterflies and Moths

There are also many species of moths on the wing including the species illustrated here.


Other Insects

More than one species of mantid and stick insect are also active in this month and are often found attracted to the light behind block 17.