Wonderland Villas - June 六月

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The month of June is often very wet. June 2008 was exceptional - it turned out to be the wettest month on record in Hong Kong, beating May 1889.



Violet Whistling Thrushes appeared to be nesting for the second brood early in the month in 2012. Large Hawk Cuckoos are still sometimes calling at this time as well. In 2008 a pair of Greater Necklaced Laughingthrushes was on the road behind block 18, the first summer record. Fledglings of other species evident this month include Chinese Bulbul, Common Tailorbird, Japanese White-eye and Great Tit.


Other Animals

Reptiles and amphibians are very much in evidence. When it is raining the Painted Frogs Kaloula pulchra pulchra call with their cow-like 'moo' from the culvert beside the restaurant. On 15th June 2008 a Chinese Mountain Snake was found half-way up the hill behind block 18. Three days later a dying Hong Kong Newt Paramesotriton hongkongensis was located near block 1. On 1 June 2010 A White-spotted Slug Snake was found underneath a plant pot in the garden opposite Wellcome.



There are few new flowering plants this month. Splash-of-white and Melastoma are still in bloom as is the Japanese Clerodendron. Fungi tend to flourish in warm wet conditions and there are several common species in Wonderland Villas.


Butterflies and Moths

June is a good month for moths as well. Day-flying moths such as the False Tiger Moth Dysphania militaris. A particular species of 'woolly bear' caterpillar is very common in the early part of the month and is found on tree trunks, especially of Acacia Acacia confusa.


Other Insects

Brown Cicadas are very common early in the month. Lantern Bugs can sometimes be found on lychee trees in particular.