Wonderland Villas - March 三月

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March is usually increasingly warm and humid but there will be spells of cold weather and the temperature can still fall below 10ºc. By the end of the month the temperature can reach the low twenties.



In March there are usually still thrushes about but they become shyer and harder to find. Tristram's Buntings and Stub-tailed Warblers are gone by about 20th of the month. There are often more Pallas's Warblers present, they are noticeably singing as well. The flowerpeckers are also becoming less prominent on the mistletoe-covered trees around the garden. Ashy Drongo is often still present through the month. By the end of the month Large Hawk Cuckoos have arrived and are calling incessantly all day and night.


Other Animals

Snakes start to emerge from hibernation this month. Lizards are also to be seen including Grass Lizard Takydromus sexlineatus ocellatus, though this is rare. In March 2013 an adult Barking Deer Muntiacus muntjak was present for several days around the jogging trail.



Hong Kong Hawthorn Rhaphiolepis indica comes into flower from early March. Chinese Privet is in full bloom and seems to be particularly fragrant on bright sunny days when the air is filled with pollen. Day-flying False Tiger Moths Dysphania militaris flock to the flowers. The Mulberry Tree is also in fruit in this month and April and bulbuls flock to both this and the privet berries. By the end of the month the Persian Lilac is also clothed with its delicately hued flowers.                                                        


Butterflies and Moths

From the middle of March onwards moths are becoming more apparent on the brightly-lit wall behind block 17.


Other Insects