Wonderland Villas - September 九月

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September is usually very hot and punctuated at interval by typhoons bringing stormy weather and heavy rain. By the end of the month it is noticeably cooler, especially in the early morning and evenings. In addition the humidity starts to come down.



By September second broods are usually fledged already. Migrants are passing through Hong Kong throughout the month but Wonderland Villas seems to see little of this though there are occasional Dollarbirds and Amur Paradise Flycatchers. Hair-crested Drongos remain very prominent in the gully area. A large group seen one year on 27 September were being periodically ambushed by a pair of Besras - without success. Migrating warblers also find the Acacias in the area attractive, especially early in the morning. Large Silver-eared Mesia flocks follow the sun off the northern slopes of the hill in the early morning.


Other Animals

September is traditionally a good month for snakes - for example the diurnal Red-necked Keelback which is often seen in this month. In 2013 a Plumbeous Water Snake was seen on 26th in the gully stream.



Turn-in-the-wind is still flowering in September. In the rough area beyond the bridge at the Wellcome end of the gully Bur Bush Triumfetta bartramia is also flowering at its best. Up in the hills this month's flowering plants include Buttercup Orchid Spathoglottis pubsecens and the over-sized flowers of the Adenosma Adenosma glutinosum. Another plant that is very visible in September is the Lily Tuff Liriope spicata.


Butterflies and Moths

The second wave of moths begins in September after the lull months of July-August.


Other Insects