Hu Ping Shan 壶瓶山

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This reserve is named for the second highest peak in the province, at 2099m, it is around 400m higher than any similar peak in the mountains of the north. Hu Ping Shan (Kettle and Bottle Mountain) the main peak is known as the "Roof of Hunan". Most of the local residents are from the Tujia ethnic group who often live in traditional wooden homes (diaojiaolou). Given the size of the reserve and its remoteness this is an excellent birding site.


Key Species

Cabot’s Tragopan, Silver and Koklass Pheasants, and Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher all occur in the reserve. Reeves’s Pheasant has also been recorded in Shimen County, probably in the reserve. Silver Oriole has also been recorded here.


Other Species



Other Wildlife

South China Tiger (now extinct in the wild), Rhesus Macaque, Asian Black Bear and Sambar have all been recorded here.





Habitat and Vegetation

The Dove Tree Davidia involucrata grows in the reserve. More than 2200 other species of plants have been recorded here.


Getting there

From Changsha 长沙 take a bus 300km north-west to the county town of Shimen 石门. Alternatively there are flights from Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie from where there are trains to Shimen. From there it is a further 120km along route 1829 to the small town of Hu Ping Shan, where there are hotels.


General Information

County:   Shi Men                  Area: 430 sq. km
Altitude: 251-2099m              Location: 28°58’-30°08’N, 110°29-111°02E
Disturbance: not known. (See China Travel May/June 2004)