Bi Feng Xia 碧峰峽

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birding southeast china


Bi Feng Xia is most famous as a giant panda research centre. The birding here is pleasant, easily accessible and comfortable.


Key Species

Eurasian Dipper, Spotted Forktail, Spot-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Russet Sparrow.


Other Species

Eurasian Jay, Eurasian Cuckoo, Great Barbet, Little Forktail, Mountain Bush Warbler, Ashy-throated Parrotbill, White-cheeked Laughingthrush, Yellow-bellied Tit, Collared Finchbill, Grey-headed Flycatcher, Hair-crested Drongo.


Other Wildlife

Red-bellied Squirrel



The fast-flowing stream in the gorge area is the best place to find the Dipper and both forktails.


Habitat and Vegetation

Typical Sichuan habitat for 1000-1200m


Getting there

A taxi from Ya'an will cost around Rmb50-70 one way. There are reguar buses for Rmb5. Hotels just outside the entrance off to the right cost around Rmb120 for a room. The entrance to the reserve costs Rmb118 (2015 prices).


General Information

County:  Ya'an                  Area: n/a
Altitude: x-m              Location: n/a
Disturbance: tourist presence can be quite heavy, especially at weekends and public holidays.