Meng Ding Shan 蒙顶山

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Meng Ding Shan is not primarily known as a birding spot but interesting birds have been found here and its a pleasant place to spend a morning.


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Walk up the slopes into the woodlands behind the temple.


Habitat and Vegetation

Tea plantations with patches of woodland close to the summit of the mountain.


Getting there

A taxi from Ya'an (the Yucheng Memory Youth Hostel is a great place to stay there - 0835-2622007) to Meng Ding Shan will cost around Rmb80 and takes about 30 minutes. Entrance to the reserve area is Rmb60 per person.


General Information

County:   Ya'an       Area: small Altitude: <1000m   Location: x°x’N, x°x’E Disturbance: some tourist disturbance.