Mei Ling Shan 梅岭山

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Mei Ling forest park is apparently unvisited by western birdwatchers – remarkable considering it has apparently quite good forest and is an easy half-day trip from Nanchang.


Key Species

Not known.


Other Species

Chinese Bamboo Partridge, Collared Finchbill, Black-throated Tit.


Other Wildlife

The rice paddies appears to be grown organically and as a result support a variety of wild flowers, insects and amphibians.



the best birding is up in the hills away from the tourists. The are is a lot more extensive than it looks initially.


Habitat and Vegetation

The woodland is all secondary, mixed forest. There are substantial tracts of bamboo. The mountains in the forest park at 841m though the primary accessible hiking paths reach an altitude of only around 550m.


Getting there

Located only 15km to the north-west of Nanchang, this reserve is very easily accessible, even as a half day trip. It is a well-known tourist attraction and there should be hotels in the vicinity.


General Information

County: Nanchang                  Area: 40 sq. km Altitude: 300-500m                Location: 28°45’-28°48’ N, 115°48’-115°50’ E Disturbance: some tourist disturbance.