Fuzhou National Forest Park 福州国家森林公园

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birding southeast china Fuzhou 福州


The Fuzhou National Forest Park was originally founded as the Fuzhou Botanical Garden in 1959.


Key Species

Bay Woodpecker, Chinese Bamboo Partridge, Eastern Great Tit.


Other Species

Great Barbet, Plaintive Cuckoo, Oriental Turtle Dove, Grey Treepie, Mountain Bulbul. Pallas's Warbler and Pale Thrush in winter.


Other Wildlife

striped squirrel.



This is one of the most southerly sites for Eastern Great Tit.


Habitat and Vegetation

Low hills and mixed woodland/parkland. Bayi reservoir is located at the southern end of the park.


Getting there

The park is located about 5km north of Fuzhou and is easily reached by taxi.


General Information